Classic Range
White Sand
White Sand, a minimal surface from our Classic Range. The white base appears light and friendly as if you could delve your hands right into the fine sand. Light speckles mix through slab, like little pebbles and shells on shore of a white beach. With an immense range of design capabilities thanks to our seamless joins, compromise is no longer an option.
Available Sizes
3600x610x20mm / 3050x900x20mm / 1000x900x20mm
Available Size
Weight: 85kg
Weight: 105kg
Weight: 34kg
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We have distributors across the nation that stock all Evostone products. You can also order directly through our website.
Available Sizes
3600x610x20mm / 3050x900x20mm / 1000x900x20mm
All permanently installed Evostone products have a 10 year limited warranty.
Designed to endure the daily demands expected from a solid surface benchtop.
Easy Clean
Non-porous properties ensure the surface can be thoroughly cleaned with ease.
Heat resistant
Excellent heat resistant properties unlike other surfaces on the market.
Non-porous properties make Evostone surfaces completely waterproof.
Full Repair
Damages can be completely removed due to seamless join capabilities.
Scratches can be completely removed due to full depth of colour and texture.
Non-porous properties make for effortless cleaning, keeping the surface hygienic.
An Immense range of design options due to seamless join capabilities.
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Andrew’s Cabinets
Evostone is a great product to work with not only is it easy to use in all applications from kitchens, laundry’s and bathrooms. The product is an affordable price compared to other acrylic solid surfaces. Evostone comes in economical sized sheets designed for Island benchtops 3000x900, standard kitchen benchtops 3600x 610 as well as 1795 x 610 for laundry benchtops Easy maintenance and seamless finished on the glue joins. Quick to install as I can cut and install product myself compared to getting a mason to fabricate. Has a great range of colours to suit clients’ needs.
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Available Size