The beauty of natural stone, without the
added cost
Evostone slabs come pre-finished & install ready in sizes designed for optimum usage. Evostone can easily be cut or trimmed with no expensive machinery required making it suitable for all cabinetmakers.
All permanently installed Evostone products have a 10 year limited warranty.
Designed to endure the daily demands expected from a solid surface benchtop.
Easy Clean
Non-porous properties ensure the surface can be thoroughly cleaned with ease.
Heat resistant
Excellent heat resistant properties unlike other surfaces on the market.
Non-porous properties make Evostone surfaces completely waterproof.
Full Repair
Damages can be completely removed due to seamless join capabilities.
Scratches can be completely removed due to full depth of colour and texture.
Non-porous properties make for effortless cleaning, keeping the surface hygienic.
An Immense range of design options due to seamless join capabilities.